Tested: the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, a tablet and laptop rolled into one

Saying I’m on my laptop a lot would be an understatement. As a freelancer I regularly work from mornings to late at night for all of my clients. It’s nice to be able to work out of the couch at night and at times like these a laptop is extremely handy. But honestly, there’s so many out there you don’t even know which is best for you. When Coolblue asked me to test the Microsoft Surface Pro 6  I instantly said yes! My experience? Let me tell you all about it.

Coolblue Microsoft Surface Pro 6 uitgetest

The advantages of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The best thing of being a freelancer? Every day is different and I get to visit a lot of clients. During our monthly meetings I write down all the discussed ideas, but notes on paper have a habit of going missing. 🙂 I’ll always be a little sloppy like that… So you won’t find a notepad in my bags but only my laptop. Because Coolblue let me test this device I decided to test it by bringing it with me on my meetings!

When I used the device for the first time I was surprised by the advantages it had:

  • The device has a laptop as well as a tablet function. Have to take some notes? Simply attach the keyboard to the screen. You have to purchase it separately.  Do you rather surf from the couch in the evenings? The tablet function is ideal for that.
  • The device is super compact (12,3” en 770 gram), handy to bring with you. And handy to use while visiting clients, it does save me some room and weight in my stuffed bags.
  • The touch screen allows you to take quick notes or draw something out. I was amazed at the device’s reaction time.
  • The light sensors allow you to work comfortably at night, and that is exactly what I need when working for my clients in the evenings.
  • The specifications are numerous and it can handle the big tasks without problems. Other laptops usually freeze when I’m running my photo editing program, frustrating! This device can handle it, no problem. It’ll save you some frustrations and time!
Mijn ervaring met de Microsoft Surface Pro 6

My experience

Would I recommend the device? Yes, definitely! It took some time to get used to Microsoft again, as I own Apple now, but it didn’t take long. And now I’m even considering purchasing the device myself as it fulfills all of my needs. It’s fast, handy and very light, ideal to bring with me on client visits! My boyfriend owns the previous model and he’s also satisfied.

Would you like to see more? Check out the video!

Do you want more information? Visit Coolblue’s website and check out The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 over here.

Love, Elien

*This is a paid collaboration, however I only work with companies or products I fully stand behind.


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