6 reason why email marketing could be interesting for your business

Het belang van e-mailmarketing voor bedrijven

Email marketing: you either love it or you don’t really care for it. The importance of this form of marketing is still underrated by a lot of businesses.

The success of many businesses lies in a strong mailing list. That’s why I’ll be giving you some more information on the opportunities email marketing could offer your business and what you should look out for.

Why email marketing is necessary

  1. Email is still the most used communication tool, either privately or professionally and that’s exactly why this medium is perfect for marketing. Research shows that our smartphones are used most often to read emails.
  2. This form of marketing has a relative low cost and is very time efficient because you’re able to work with fixed templates. So the return on investment is high.
  3. Everything is automisable. You don’t need to be on your computer at the exact same time every week. You can create mailings beforehand and automate it, this is a sort of mailchain that the receiver gets when he or she subscribes to your mailings.
  4. Email marketing is a below the line channel, on the contrary to tv or radio which are above the line channels. This means that email marketing isn’t designed to reach the masses, but rather a niche. You can be very personal and personalize data (for example the greeting). Another advantage: your mailing lists can work with segments, allowing you to target specific demographics. You may need to reach a specific audience in a specific region, customers that bought something up to 20 days ago or you can filter using age, sex or interests.
  5. It’s a slower channel than social media. Consumers are often bombarded with commercial messages and Facebook or Instagram posts disappear in the masses. Mails will still be in your mailbox, you know exactly where you left them and you can open them as much as you need to.
  6. Using the correct tools you can follow the data. You can see who clicked what links or what sales your mails are bringing in. You can also see when someone has opened a mail or has unsubscribed.

Keep these things in mind

Email marketing has a lot of advantages, especially the high ROI. Yet there’s several things you need to consider.

Be personal

The downside of automated mails? You can lose your personality and clients will just feel like another number. Make sure you keep your personality and use pictures of the owners, a nice personalized message at the end goes a long way. Not your standard message but something clients can identify with.


In May 2018 a new law came into effect surrounding the protection of privacy, this has had a huge influence on email marketing. From now on you had to incorporate a clear opt-in, that allows potential clients to willingly receive emails. You can’t just send mails to private email addresses anymore, general company mails are still okay. So keep this in mind! Make sure you have a clearly defined opt-in on your website that visitors have to check and give their permission to receive mails.

Success is hidden in data and updates

Have you neglected your mailing list over the years? That means it probably isn’t up to date anymore. I recommend you to clear it up first as a lot of emails won’t exist or the clients won’t be interested anymore, they’re not interesting to your business. The big advantage of certain tools: they detect which emails aren’t accessible anymore and after several times these addresses get deleted.

Besides that you should also consider what data you want to gather. Only the first name and email or are you interested in their date of birth or their hobbies? The more data, the better. For example you can send them a personalized birthday discount. But remember: the longer the list of data, the faster people want to leave it. Find that middle ground.

E-mailmarketing boek Tamara Gielen en Hans Smellinckx

Mailchimp: a handy tool

I think nearly everyone is aware of Mailchimp, it’s one of the best known tools for email marketing. The big advantage of this tool: it’s user friendly and easy. And it’s even free to a certain amount of subscribers, ideal if you’re a starting entrepreneur in email marketing.

Email marketing is part of the bigger picture

Before you go and stuff all of your time in email marketing: know that you don’t need to! It has to be part of a bigger picture. You could take it up in your marketing calendar so all of your channels are linked.

For example, have you written a great blog or are you doing some sort of action? You can share all of those things through email marketing.

A final tip

Email marketing isn’t difficult, you just need to know the right way to use it for your company. I always say: read about new things in marketing and try it out for yourself. In the book Email marketing: Tips, tricks & strategies you’ll find things for both amateurs as well as professionals by Tamara Gielen.

Have you got any more questions?

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Next time I’ll be telling you more about the use of a marketing calendar!

My other online marketing tips can be found right over here: littlelouvain.com/category/online-marketing/.

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