It’s not about the number of followers, but rather returning customers: learn how to use the sales funnel for your business

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I often see adds go by claiming how they managed to get so many new followers in just a few days and how you could do the same. But this is just a fancy claim and 99 out of a 100 times it doesn’t help you in any way, shape or form.

Besides the amount of followers you have is irrelevant, the key element is building and maintaining relationships with clients, and converting followers into clients. You could have 100.000 followers, but if just two of those buy something from you, you’re clearly on the wrong path.

More followers = better is the wrong attitude

The more followers you have isn’t always better. It’s about finding the right target group, people that are likely to buy your products or services, and you can achieve this by knowing your demographic and sales funnel.

Your focus should be reaching new audiences that may be interested in what you have to offer on the one hand and expanding the reach of your messages to current customers. Because if you throw them out of the loop in favor of new customers, they’ll switch to your competitors and you’ll lose clients instead of gaining them. Bringing in new clients costs more than keeping your current clients happy.

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The sales funnel: how to use it effectively for your business

You may have heard of the term ‘sales funnel’, these are all of the steps your clients go through before actually making a purchase. When you understand this principle, you can use your marketing to guide clients through these steps and make it more accessible for new potential clients.

If you’d ask me, I feel the term sales funnel is a wrong choice, I prefer to simply call it ‘funnel’, because it isn’t all about sales, it’s about getting your story out there. If all you talk about is products, potential clients could see through that and decide what you’re offering isn’t for them. Storytelling & sales are the two crucial elements to me. 🙂

Sales funnel steps

1 Brand awareness

Everything starts with brand awareness, potential clients may come into contact with your services through ads or your blogs. In most cases they’ll end up on your website where they have the opportunity to leave behind their personal information.

The quality of your content has to be your main focus, show you’re the expert in whatever it is you do. Not every customer will buy something after seeing a single ad, most people have to be convinced, which you can do with your strong content. Show them you could provide an answer to the problems your potential clients are faced with.

2 Interest 

Now that your potential clients know about your business, the next step is to generate interest. You’ve made it clear you can provide solutions and now your potential clients are interested, they may go onto your blog or website. So it’s up to you to gather their information so you can make custom offers in a later stage.

In marketing terms this is what you’d call a lead, this means potential clients are lead to your pages and their interest is stimulated. This interest is your cue to build up a relationship with your future clients.

3 Decision

The third step is the decision, in other words the moment a potential client will go through with a purchase or not. 

Between step 2 and 3 there’s a lot of communication; I’ve already told you in this blog that email marketing is important, and I can’t stress that enough. During this communication you shouldn’t just focus on what you have to offer for them to purchase, but the emphasis should be on storytelling. No one is waiting for 100 mails about your product.

Offer a solution to their problems and stimulate their interest in your story. Storytelling is a better tool to sales than actual sales talks. 

All of these steps make your business easily accessible and allows for relationships to form. Your expertise will convince them, without them having to be forced to buy something first.

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Example of my sales funnel

  1. Through social media and SEO potential clients visit my blog. I write in the name of my desired client allowing me to reach the right target group.
  2. In my blog I make proposals; a free ebook, marketing tips, 10% discount on  my webshop. This stimulates interest.
  3. In exchange for these proposals my potential clients subscribe to my free newsletter, that way their personal information is added to my mailing list.
  4. Afterwards my autoresponder does its job: I have a chain of mails ready, a mixture of commercial and personal posts.

Email marketing is important for the sales funnel

Automatisation is the key to success: I can’t tell you enough, but this is the case. When certain processes are automatised you can focus on your core business.

Start up several chain mails and keep them ready for your first subscribers. That way they’ll be funneled into your sales without any problems.

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